Trainers are pre-fabricated dental appliances for children with primary dentition and bad habits  (dummy, thumb sucking or infantile swallowing). They are made of soft rubber and  in several sizes. They are recommended by speech therapists for early correction of several forms of dyslalia.

Mobile braces

mobilni aparat

Mobile braces in intensive growth and development of jaws, in children with misaligned jaws, the therapy by functional appliances is indicated (Bionator, activator, twin-block..) So-called plates are used for correcting smaller tooth disorders within dental arches, each for one jaw.


Headgear is an appliance consisting of rings cemented on upper first permanent molars, of metal arch and elastic band. Most frequently it is attached to fixed braces.


Mouth guards

štitinik za zube

Mouth guards are obligatory for all sports people engaged in contact sports, particularly for sport people wearing fixed appliances. They are made on the upper jaw individually of special rubber and can be of different colours.

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